Getting started with Zoom2u

To get started with the Zoom2u API please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Create an Zoom2u Account.
This can be done by clicking on “Sign Up” on our main page:

Step 2: Generate an API key for authenticating your calls.
1) Log in to your customer account ( and navigate to the “My Profile” section.
2) From here you can generate your own API Key, as well as enter a webhook link if you need to accept return information.

Step 3: Get testing!
Initially, any bookings you create via API will have a TEST flag against them, and these will not be visible on the courier platform (and thus won’t be carried out), and you will not be invoiced for them.
Continue to explore and submit test bookings until you are happy with your integration!

  • Bookings created via the normal booking interface are real bookings and will be sent out to the courier network.
  • Only API bookings have the “Test” flag associated with them.

Step 4:  Roll out.
After your testing is complete, you can use the “Go Live” button to start sending your API bookings out to our courier marketplace!



  • This key is a secret code unique to your account, and should not be shared with anyone else!
    You’ll pass this in the header of your API requests as a bearer token.


What’s Next?