End to End Booking Workflow


In this part we create a test booking to check everything is working as expected. Here we booking starts from Shopify to StarShipIT to Zoom2u.


Step 1 in Shopify: Create Test booking in Shopify
  1. On the checkout page in Shopify check if all your added Shipping methods are visible
  2. Check if prices are displayed correctly for your pick-drop address
  3. Get the customer to choose COD method for payment as it is a test booking.


Step 2 in StarShipIT: Send Jobs to Zoom2u

In Step 1 we placed an order from the  eCommerce platform-Shopify. All such orders show under the “Unshipped” section in the StarShipIT main menu

  • From Unshipped Orders section click Import -> Import All
  • This will import all new / open orders from Shopify into StarShipIT

There are 2 ways to send the job to Zoom2u for fulfilment:

  1. Click on Order Number to view the order details
  2. Click Print and choose to “Print Label

Either of the above offer the same option to “Print Label” which eventually sends the job to Zoom2u. However from inside the order details you can do much more and even review the order before sending to Zoom2u for fulfilment.

  • Below is the order details page for the order no 1 above.
  • Click Print Labels -> Print Labels to send the job to Zoom2u.
  • This downloads a pdf file to your computer for label printing, sends the job to Zoom2u and moves it to Shipped section in StarShipIT.

  • Once the shipment has been created, the Zoom2u booking will be created and a confirmation email will be sent to the email address in your Zoom2u account with a tracking number and tracking link.

Test bookings with API in test mode show in the Test Tab in Inside Booking section. They are not offered to couriers.
Once you go live with Live API key, the bookings will show in regular bookings tab and will be offered out to couriers.


Common Issues

a) Connection is lost between Zoom2u & StarShipIT
– Check if you have the correct API key from Zoom2u. Zoom2u -> My Profile -> Integration -> Your Zoom2u API Key (highlighted in bold)


b) Cannot see quotes in StarShipIT from Zoom2u
– Check if you have put in the correct product codes and enabled them in StarShipIT -> Settings -> Courier -> Zoom2u -> Product Codes


c) Cannot see Live Rates at checkout in Shopify
– Check if Live Rates at Checkout is enabled in StarShipIT -> Settings -> Checkout Rates -> Enable Zoom2u + Contract Rates


d) The pricing in StarShipIT / Shopify differ than the pricing plan for my account
– Please contact your account manager at Zoom2u.


e) Need help with Setup?
– Read the complete setup guide here: Zoom2u + StarShipIT Setup
– write to us at api@zoom2u.com and our friendly technical support team will reach out to you.