What we offer

Using our API, developers and businesses are able to automatically connect up to our courier network!
It has been designed to allow our customers to request pricing, place bookings, check the status of a booking, and even receive automatic updates when bookings are completed.


In a nutshell

Zoom2u is a courier marketplace software that serves as a platform to link businesses, eCommerce stores, or regular netizens, with a network of couriers across Australia.
Our API is designed to allow developers to get quotes and place bookings quickly and with flexibility, and fetch booking information or even cancel erroneous bookings if needed!


Important Considerations

  • Zoom2u operates out of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, and the Gold Coast. Please be aware that bookings outside of these metro areas may not be handled.
  • Delivery service is door-to-door, from pickup to drop-off!
  • Individual parcels must be kept under 30kg in weight (though the total weight of the delivery can be higher). This is for the safety of our drivers.
    If you wish to move bigger objects (couches, fridges, pallets, etc), we have a quoting system built into our regular web interface to handle those.
  • Our couriers are independent, they work for themselves. They have the right to not take on any work if they think it will be unsafe.


What’s Next?