Zoom2u is an on-demand, same day express courier in Australia that delivers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth metro areas. By offering faster fulfilment, you’re able to improve the experience your customers have with your brand as well as differentiate yourself from your competitors.

StarShipIT helps to automate and streamline the shipping process of orders for online retailers in Australia. StarShipIT acts as a bridge between your eCommerce channels(Magento 1, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce to name a few) and couriers, importing all of your customer orders from multiple eCommerce channels, shopping carts, inventory and accounting applications, and processing them with your chosen carrier(s).

With Zoom2u – StarShipIT integration you can get real time quotes from Zoom2u before sending a delivery for fulfilment. Providing real time shipping quotes with Zoom2u is available only to clients who ship from Australia.


  1. An existing Zoom2u customer account. You can sign up for one here.
  2. A StarShipIT account.

How the integration works:

StarShipIt customers get real time quotes from Zoom2u within each order screen and hence can choose to ship via Zoom2u from their StarShipIT account.

Part 1: Setup in Zoom2u

Generate your Zoom2u API Key
  • From the main menu in customer delivery portal choose – “My Profile”
  1. Initially your API fields are blank. Click Generate new Zoom2u API Key
  2. Your Zoom2u API key is generated. This is what you will need to paste in StarShipIT to setup the integration so both the systems can talk to each other.
  3. Initially the API key is in Test Mode. Clicking on “Go Online” creates live bookings in Zoom2u which get offered to couriers. If in Test mode (offline) then bookings are created as Test, which are not offered to couriers. This is to ensure setup is done correctly before going Live.

Do Not switch to Online mode before full setup.
After full setup, run a few test bookings to ensure correctness of setup and booking data passed between systems.
The Zoom2u on-boarding team will assist you with this.

Part 2: Setup in StarShipIT

Step 1: Add Shipping Address
  • From the main menu choose Settings -> Pickup Address -> Add your address
  • It is important to have the correct pickup address to fetch correct rates and availability from Zoom2u
Step 2: Add Zoom2u as a Courier & enable Sync
  • From the main menu choose Settings -> Couriers -> Add a new courier
  • From the Australia Domestic section click on “Zoom2u”

This is where you can setup the sync between Zoom2u & StarShipIT

  1. Enable Zoom2u, enter the API key you copied from Zoom2u customer portal and click Save
  2. Next Add your product code, which in this case is the delivery option being provided.
    • Enter the following values: Code: S | Name: Same Day
    • Click “Add” to store this service code for the sync
    • Add other service/product codes as needed.
  3. Save the settings
  4.  Click ‘Advanced’ tab to continue

Setting up above ensures that the customer gets a Same day drop off service for their parcels depending upon the time it is booked. Currently we offer Same Day, 3-Hour & VIP delivery options.

Add only those product codes as per customers contract/deal. 

Check for any typos in the product codes. The product codes need to be saved as shown in the left bar. If not, jobs will not sync.

We have successfully connected the 2 systems Zoom2u – StarShipIT.

End to End Booking Workflow

There are 2 ways to send the job to Zoom2u for fulfilment:

  1. Click on Order Number to view the order details
  2. Click Print and choose to “Print Label

Either of the above offer the same option to “Print Label” which eventually sends the job to Zoom2u. However from inside the order details you can do much more and even review the order before sending to Zoom2u for fulfilment.

  • Below is the order details page for the order no 1 above.
  • Click Print Labels -> Print Labels to send the job to Zoom2u.
  • This downloads a pdf file to your computer for label printing, sends the job to Zoom2u and moves it to Shipped section in StarShipIT.
  • Once the shipment has been created, the Zoom2u booking will be created and a confirmation email will be sent to the email address in your Zoom2u account with a tracking number and tracking link.

Test bookings with API in test mode show in the Test Tab in Inside Booking section. They are not offered to couriers.
Once you go live with Live API key, the bookings will show in regular bookings tab and will be offered out to couriers.

Common Issues

a) Connection is lost between Zoom2u & StarShipIT
– Check if you have the correct API key from Zoom2u. Zoom2u -> My Profile -> Integration -> Your Zoom2u API Key (highlighted in bold)

b) Cannot see quotes in StarShipIT from Zoom2u
– Check if you have put in the correct product codes and enabled them in StarShipIT -> Settings -> Courier -> Zoom2u -> Product Codes

c) The pricing in StarShipIT differ than the pricing plan for my account
– Please contact your account manager at Zoom2u.

d) Need help with Setup?
– Read the complete setup guide here: Zoom2u + StarShipIT Setup
– write to us at api@zoom2u.com and our friendly technical support team will reach out to you.