• Our API is REST based.
  • It uses HTTP commands like GET, POST, and PUT, and will use HTTP status codes to indicate errors.
  • There is a list of HTTP status codes here.


Request Header

Each request that is sent to our API must include two things in the request header:

  1. Each request must use your unique API key as a Bearer Token.
  2. Data type should be sent as application/json.
  "Authorization" : "Bearer your-token-goes-here",
  "Content-Type"  : "application/json"

You will need to retrieve the bearer token by logging into your customer account and navigating to the “My Account” section.
There is a short guide here on how to access that information!

Note: This is a secret key and links to your account. For your own security, please do not share it or expose the key publicly.

Time Format

When sending or receiving time information, data will be displayed in ISO8601 format, and will be sent in UTC time.

   "ReadyDateTime" : "2017-01-31T14:20:00.00Z"


All price values are are Australian Dollars (AUD).
Zoom2u currently does not service outside of Australia, so all values are assumed to be in AUD.
Currency values will be returned in decimal format. eg.

   "price" : 12.0


What’s Next?